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Miles de Productos Multi-Sectoriales De Mundo Entero Desde: Estados Unidos, Canada, China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Corea, Singapur, Filipinas, Tailandia, Vietnam, Malasia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macau, Europa, Pakistan, México’ Brasil, Sur y Centro America, Caribe: Ropa y Accesorios - Electrónica de Consumo y Electrodomésticos - Juguetes - Productos de Belleza - Pelucas - Cosméticos - Perfumes - Productos Celulares - Regalos - Artículos Deportivos – Productos de Fumar - Recuerdos - Productos de Salud, Variedad, Liquidaciones y mucho mas

Milhares de produtos Multi-Setorial mundo inteiro a partir de: Estados Unidos, Canada, China, Taiwan, Índia, Hong Kong, Coréia, Singapor, Filipinas, Tailândia, Vietnã, Malásia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macau, Eua, Europa, Paquistão, México, Brasil,  Sul e América Central, Caraíbas Roupa e Acessórios  Eletroeletrônicos e Eletrodomésticos - Brinquedos - Produtos Cosméticos- Beleza - Perucas - Perfumes - Produtos celulares Presentes  Produtos Esportivos - produtos fumadores - Recordações ,Produtos de Saúde - Variedade - liquidações e muito mais

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 Miami Gateway to latin America and Caribbean Markets

MIAMI's the Gateway to the LATIN AMERICAN and CARIBBEAN Markets.

MIAMI's the Gateway to the LATIN AMERICAN and CARIBBEAN Markets.

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Why Miami ...

Why buyers from the Caribbean, Central and South America prefer to buy in Miami. 
1.   Convenience of Language: (easy access to translators). 
2.   Location. Miami is considered the city for international trade from the Caribbean and Latin America. 
3.   Cost factor: costs less to get to Miami from the Caribbean and Latin America. 
4.   Banking infrastructure (116 banks in Miami alone). 
5.   Family ties (almost all business people from Latin America and the Caribbean have connections for follow up business). 
6.   Consumer Electronics & General Merchandise: Consider that Miami has over 6000 exporters and importers and the majority of these are exporters of consumer electronics, computer and General Merchandise. 
7.   Representatives and Distributors: Miami is the perfect place to find reps and distributors
8.   Access to documentation: All documentation needed for international business transactions can be done through all the Caribbean and Latin American consulates and commercial offices located in Miami Florida. 
9.   Excellent shipping: All major freight forwarders, logistics, Air cargo and all export /import services direct to these countries are done easily out of Miami 
10.  Convenience of Direct Air: Travel to and from the Caribbean and Latin America is convenient and economical with many flights daily to over 43 countries. 
11.  Time factor: Business people can fly to Miami and be back in their country almost the same day. 
12.  Easy Access to Products: Miami Wholesale-Asia America Trade Show AATS inc.  is an international show with fast and easy access to buyers that can supply them with the products and emerging technologies they need. 
13.  Confidence: Companies that exhibit in MWAATS demonstrate their willingness to go to where it is convenient for the buyer. This fact is highly appreciated by the Caribbean and Latin American buyer and a valuable sales tool for the exhibitor. 
14.  11.3 Million Visitors: to Miami Dade County Florida annually, 50% International.
Since Miami is the Hub of the Americas and the amount of exports and imports that go through the Ports of Miami and Ft Lauderdale are ranked among the top in the world, what better place to do business, which is precisely why MWAATS  is focusing on attendees from Large and medium Latin American and Caribbean companies and from over 2000 business to business associations, major retailers, export/import organizations, chambers of commerce, importers, general merchandise distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, installers, educational and financial institutions, national and local governments, large and medium size enterprises, law enforcement, health care institutions, procurement offices for military, private industry and  major retailers.  Further contacts will be made through the commercial offices of the United States, the news media and personal trade missions by the staff at MWAATS as well as pre-show sales pieces, brochures, flyers and posters send by direct mail to all of these countries. Computers, electronics and software are the products of choice for importers to these regions. We are opening the doors for high tech products to enter the emerging markets of South, Central America, the Caribbean and Brazil by preparing a launching platform for Companies seeking these emerging markets.
Considering the ease at which business is done in English, Spanish and other languages throughout South Florida, it is easy to see why Miami has become a major trade center.  Buyers are eagerly looking for new business opportunities. Now is the time to plant new seeds, make first contact and bring these international companies and importers under your wing.
Keep in mind that Florida alone has over 6,000 exporters who may need new technology and general merchandise to offer to their clients. They want the latest, newest, fastest products and services that they can buy at competitive prices; all of whom we are inviting to MWAATS.  Plus we are inviting over 65,000 companies from Florida, who will be very anxious to meet manufacturers, new suppliers and services.  If you are looking to make a small investment to open or increase your sales into these huge markets then MWAATS is your trade show.
This new generation of entrepreneurs is very savvy. They like to do business where they feel comfortable; Miami. These buyers appreciate it when U.S. or international companies make an effort to come to them in their own environment. Miami is geared to support the needs of multinational as well as domestics companies through the services that each Latin American and Caribbean country has to offer at their commercial offices.
In closing: MWAATS is a concentrated business to business platform offering exhibitors the chance to reach 43 countries in one place at one time. After 25 years of doing  trade shows in Miami and  targeting this region of the world, we can offer what very few trade shows can, expertise in closing  the circle between manufacturer, Enterprise, distributor, wholesaler, importer, exporter and service companies.  We are targeting precisely the kind of business buyer and partner that fits your criteria.
We are preparing NOW, way in advance in reaching your targeted buyers. With the strategic location of Miami, MWAATS is your international business to business environment at a very cost-effective price. So if you are thinking of doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean and the US or want to expand your market, look at the potential that we offer. 


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